Abuse is something that happens in many forms. It is not just being beaten up by someone that counts as abuse but even in cases when your partner or someone else that you know is using words to constantly harm you, it is considered abuse under the law. It is important for you to be well aware of the silent, almost invisible signs of emotional abuse that someone might inflict upon you. This can come in the form of someone constantly teasing you, bullying you, making fun of you and your beliefs or even constantly pointing out physical “flaws”. In some cases, people at work will tell you that you are fat, that you do not take care of yourself, might even do it in a way that pretends they want to help you like giving you diet advice or sending you information that unsolicited about how to lose weight and such. If it is a one off case, it can be brushed off but if this is taking place continuously, it certainly is a form of abuse and you can take action.  

Physical abuse

If you are a victim of physical abuse, you can hire an assault expert separation lawyers Auckland to help you, let you know of your legal standing and help you to fight a case. The law does not allow any form of physical violence and your abuser can be sent to jail if you can prove that he has beaten you.

If you are too afraid to immediately take action because you are afraid of getting further abused, because you have children together or because you are financially dependent on your abuser, you can choose instead to begin by speaking to a lawyer online on one of the many sites and online organizations designed to help women in your situation.

The most important thing of course is to take action and not to allow this person to continue to hurt you. You can also speak to someone such as a close friend or family member to let them know what you are going through without leaving any traces of your conversation to be found by your abuser in order to protect yourself and your children, if you have any. If you have children together and if your abuser is proven guilty, he will be liable to pay for your children and provide you with financial assistance until your children are adults and therefore, you do not need to worry too much about money and finances. Having him gone will also let you start earning money on your own.